We are Sacramento’s Premiere Culinary Academy
and Restaurant. Whether you want to train for a new
career in the Culinary Arts or you would like to host
Napoli is the place for you. Located inside of Napoli
Culinary Academy you’ll find the Award-Winning Cafe
Napoli Restaurant which serves lunch and dinner.
Reservations required for dinner.

Napoli Culinary Academy/Cafe Napoli resides in the
heart of California, which is one of the most
geographically and culturally diverse regions in the
world. Every language, custom and cuisine can be
found in our backyard. Food from all of California's
unique culinary environment, along with California's
abundance of fresh produce and meats, provides
the perfect backdrop in creating the most
memorable culinary experience.
*Café Napoli (our
Restaurant) is OPEN
for Lunch and Dinner.

*Check out our
fantastic Lunch and
Dinner Specials, they
can be found on our
Café Napoli page.

*See more on our
Cooking Classes page.
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Contact Us:
(916) 971-0600
1401 Fulton Ave